Knighthood MOD APK v1.6.0 (Unlimited lives) free download

Knighthood MOD APK v1.6.0 (Unlimited lives) free download

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Have you ever dreamt about becoming a powerful and brave knight? Get the latest version of Knighthood MOD APK with unlimited lives! Install it and fight against some worthy and mean enemies to emerge victorious in the game.

Knighthood MOD APK Details

Name  Knighthood MOD APK 
Compatibility  Android 5.0 and above 
Version  1.6.0 (Latest) 
Created by  King 
Google Play Store Link 
Cost  Free 
Size   80 MB 
MOD  Available 
Category  Role-Playing

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Knighthood MOD APK Description

Have you ever wondered why knights are considered one of the most memorable and respectable characters in our world? You must have watched various movies and tv-series related to the history of knights. They are the true symbol of valour and goodness. They were trained to survive in harsh conditions. They also knew how to slay their adversaries for good. Usually, they used to carry a sword and a shield before entering into a battle. Numerous knight games have been released in the gaming markets. But not all of them managed to taste the success. However, we are providing a brand new RPG knight game named Knighthood MOD APK. Visit Google Play Store or any other app platform to download the original file on your device.

Knighthood bestows unlimited action to the players. It is specifically designed for action junkies. What’s better than a knight slaughtering his foes with severe blows of his sword? We know it seems a bit brutal to the ordinary people. But it definitely attracts the action lovers.

The players will have to complete various bestowed tasks in the game. It is our responsibility to finish them properly. Don’t forget to train your knight before entering into a battle. We are damn sure that the players will enjoy the action-packed duels. The amount of rewards depends upon your performance. Good performance means loads of exciting rewards. Additionally, the players will get a chance to upgrade the skills of their knights. Improving their skills is important for yielding the best results in the game.

Meet Sir Drakeson

An NPC (Non-Playable Character) named Sir Drakeson will portray the role of your mentor and guide. He will explain every little information at the beginning of your voyage. It is easy to identify him in the game. He will be wearing a shiny gauntlet and armour pieces on his body. Wearing a gauntlet means that you been granted the honour of a knight. It takes courage and a lot of practice to earn that gauntlet. First, you have to undergo various training sessions arranged by Sir Drakeson. After completing your training perfectly, the rank of knight will be bestowed to you.

Knighthood MOD APK Features

Some of the most important features of this game have been mentioned below! Don’t forget to check them out!


The players are enabled to customize their characters according to their own choices. They can choose their desired gender, skin colour, hairstyle, jewelleries, and others in this version. Like we mentioned above, completing tasks is a must in this game. You will earn handsome amounts of money along with various other prizes.

Furthermore, the players also have to upgrade their fighting skills, armour, weapons and other important in-game items. Visit a merchant to purchase these precious objects.

Complete all quests

Quests are the most important part of any action RPG game. Their successful completion is far more important than our participation. Different types of quests are available in this gaming product. We have no other alternative but to complete every one of them to proceed forward in this game.

Along with the main quests, several side missions are also present in this game. They help us in earning some extra rewards. The players have an amazing opportunity to explore different in-game regions. However, only a limited number of access is given to the players for participating in daily quests.

Protect your armour

The armour is the most important object to a knight. Other than being its identification, it also protects him from serious blows during a battle. Don’t forget that your armour level is directly linked to your health. The deterioration of your armour will cause serious damage to your health. Always keep your armour in perfect condition to protect your health in the game.

Loot chests

Loot chests are the most crucial rewards in this modded version. Keep your focus on finishing the tasks. Your account will be filled with loot chests. However, rare objects are hard to get in this game.

MOD features

  • Menu Mod
  • Unlimited lives

Knighthood MOD APK Installation Guide

  • First of download Knighthood Mod APK from the below download link provided
  • Now you will be redirected to our telegram channel, download the apk from there
  • Now install the Knighthood Mod APK by allowing unknown source in your android device
  • Now open the Knighthood Mod apk
  • Enjoy the hack features of Knighthood Mod APK on your android device
  • That’s it, you have successfully installed Mod APK in your device


Download the latest version of Knighthood MOD APK on your Android device. Utilize the latest unlimited lives mod to improve your gaming experience. Install it from our Telegram channel.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Is it available for free?

Ans. Yes! It can be downloaded for free.

Q. Can we find other mod apk files on your Telegram channel as well?

Ans. Yes! Just enter our Telegram channel and download your desired mod apk file for free.

Q. Is it safe to install it?

Ans. Yes! No viruses or any other type of malware threat are present in this modded file.

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