7 Days to Die: Console Commands, Gameplay, and Other Details

7 Days to Die: Console Commands, Gameplay, and Other Details

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7 Days to Die game is a perfect blend of survival and horror genres. More than seven years have passed since its release. Still, its global popularity is intact. First, it got dispatched for Windows and Mac OS X players in 2013. Next year, we witnessed its arrival on Linux. It took almost a couple of years to launch on PS4 and Xbox One simultaneously. The Fun Pimps deserve all the credit in the world for developing this spectacular gaming instalment.

What do we know about 7 Days to Die?

The game is based on a fictional county named Navezgane in the state of Arizona. People suffer from the devastating consequences of the Third World War. The latter event ended up taking millions of innocent lives due to nuclear bomb blasts. Some of the remaining survivors turned into brain-dead zombies as a result of the side-effects of those nukes. The players have to ensure their survival in the game at any cost.

7 Days to Die: Gameplay

7 days to die

The game forces the players to utilize their brains to the maximum capacity. There are no exciting and adventurous missions in this gaming instalment. Your ultimate goal should be keeping yourself alive no matter what it takes.

Players can use different objects or remains left by humans near their surroundings. You can create various useful items with them. They will definitely help you in making your life a bit easier in the game. For example, you can collect numerous wood logs to create fire for keeping yourself warm.

Zombies – The biggest problem

Yes, you read that right! There is no doubt in admitting that zombies are the most dangerous creatures in the game. Most importantly, they are affected by the day-and-night cycle. They get weak during the daylight. Their physical movements slow down in the presence of broad sunlight. On the other hand, they become vicious at nights. Their speeds and senses enhance in the dark, making them more ruthless during the nighttime.

Blood Moon Event

On every seventh day, the notorious Blood Moon appears in the sky. It makes the in-game zombies stronger as compared to their normal versions. The players have to establish proper defenses around their residence to keep those sinful creatures away. Otherwise, you are looking at a complete annihilation of your character in the game.

7 Days to Die: Console Commands

It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a newbie in a game. You need to save some important console commands or cheat codes in your precious mind. They always help us in times of need. That’s why we have mentioned some important in-game commands below:

  • help <command> – Help texts for supported commands
  • admin add <name / entity id / steam id> <permission level> – Add a player to the admin list
  • admin remove <name / entity id / steam id> – Remove a player from the admin list
  • aiddebug – AIDirector debug output
  • ban add <name / entity id / steam id> <duration> <duration unit> [reason] – For banning a player for seconds, minutes, or even hours
  • ban list – Opens a list of banned players
  • ban remove <name / entity id / steam id> – For removing ban from a player
  • clear – To clear the output text in the command console
  • cp add <command> <level> – Add command to the command permission list (Choose any desired level)
  • cp list – Command Permission list
  • creativemenu – Opens Creative Menu
  • debuff <buff name> – For removing buff from your character
  • debuffplayer <name / entity id / steam id> <buff name> – For removing buff from a selected player
  • debugmenu [on/off] – Debug menu
  • enablescope <on/off> – Debug scope
  • getgamepref – Shows a list of current game preferences
  • getgamestat – Shows the game stat list
  • givequest – Be a part of a in-game quest
  • giveself <item name> [quality level] – Get yourself an in-game item. (Quality: 600)
  • giveselfxp <amount> – Improve your in-game experience
  • kick <name / entity id / steam id> [reason] – Throw a player out of the game
  • kickall [reason] – Kick all players
  • killall – Kill all players
  • listplayers – List of details of all the players
  • pplist – Persistent player data
  • removequest – Eradicate a quest
  • saveworld – Protect the world on your own
  • say <message> – Send message to any connected client
  • settime day
    settime night
    settime <time>
    settime <day> <hour> <minute> – Set the game time
  • shownexthordetime – Shows the horde time
  • shutdown – Close the game
  • sounddebug – SoundManager debug output
  • spawnairdrop – Generate an airdrop
  • spawnscreen – Pops up spawn screen
  • spawnsupplycrate – For spawning a supply crate
  • spectrum <choice> – Lightning spectrum (Choices: Blood Moon, Foggy, Rainy, Snowy, Stormy, and Biome)
  • starve – Increases the player’s hunger
  • staticmap – Switches the dynamic map of Navazgane into the static mode
  • switchview – Changes the player’s sight
  • systeminfo – Displays all your system’s info
  • thirsty – Increases the thirst of our player
  • traderarea – Throws a player out of a trader area
  • water – Water settings
  • weather – Weather settings
  • weathersurvival <on / off> – Weather survival
  • whitelist add <name / player id / steam id> – Add a player to the whitelist
  • whitelist remove <name / player id / steam id> – Remove a player from the whitelist
  • whitelist list – Shows every whitelisted player
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