“Chuunibyou demo koi ga Shital Season 3”: Release date, Plot, Streaming platform, and all recent updates!

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In the Japanese language, the word Chunnibyou has a special meaning. According to which, it characterizes about somebody who believes in the illusional natures and extraordinary surroundings. To be more precise, its emphasis on someone who believes in supernatural powers and it’s existence. The person may also believe that someone already persuades it. The defect in someone can be stated as an Eighth-Grade syndrome. As stated previously, the person can be of any age. Eighth-Grade syndrome is named because of the changes that take place in a child’s body to become an adult begins. And as the name suggests, it starts in grade eight itself.

Chunnibyou demo koi ga shitai is an anime that includes and talks about the story of such people who suffer from this syndrome. It shows how difficult it is to live a normal life with this syndrome and the hurdles people basically need to withstand to survive. Although the indication of the work is amazing, it’s not up to Mark as it looks like. It’s quite wired that it cannot gain fame and grab a large fan base. Maybe the reason is its double standard genre. Which guarantees and pretends about a dramatic series, but it is more like a romantic one. And not to forget to add about some drizzles of comedy scenes in between. The characters in this series are all absolutely perfect that fit in the Romance genre anime. Unlike the other shows which boast about the romanticism and smoothly switch over something unusual. The theme songs and music was guaranteed to be promising by its fans. Furthermore, this show gives birth to an amazing feeling of how we were glad to be adults when we were toddlers to enjoy our and ambitions likewise, how we now want to again return to that carefree age to live without any worries and problems.


Season 1 of this show ran for about two months. Where the first episode was released on October 4, 2012, and the last episode came on December 12 of the same year. In all, it included a 12 episode journey, and later on to add more enthusiasm in the story; episode 13 was released in June of the succeeding year 2013 on 12th. Similarly, not to wait for the fans longer, the next season was premiered in the next consecutive year. The first episode arrived on January 9th, 2014, and also included 12 episodes of the total run, which ended on 27th March 2014. Likewise the previous season, this season also released a special episode that got revealed on only DVD platforms and was never telecasted.

Talking about season 3 of this show, there are no recent updates to be followed. However, the production house created the Eiga Chunnibyou demo koi ga Shitai movie, which seemed to be the latest creation till now. But there are still a few rumors that the next season can never really happen. Although, it is never expected to becoming on the other hand. But if somehow it really renewed for next season, then it might take along. It is expected that the new season can be declared in 2021 sooner or later or early in 2022



The story is all about the non-grown adults who behave still childish and have a kid mindset even though their age increases. It is quite acceptable in society to see a child keep talking about Superpowers and delusional aspects. But how if we find someone who is elder than us and still talks about such stuff? Yes, it’s very hard to accept them, and hence they fill narrowed and cornered by other people and have to overpass many to live in society.

The story involves a protagonist named as Yuta Togashi, a Chunnibyou, who talks and narrates about his embarrassing past experiences. He sees himself as a Dark Flame Master, but nearly leaves this side of his life, and moves on, to begin with, a new thrust. But eventually, his past comes back to him when he meets a girl called Rikka Takanashi, in his new school who also suffers from a similar condition to Chinnibyou. She thinks that she is a Wicked Eye and performs her actions accordingly. Meanwhile, Yuta, who wants to live a normal school kid’s life, faces many hurdles after relieving the girl’s condition. Regardless of such events, he seems to be determined for his new life. The other main characters in the series are- Sanae Dekomori, Shinka Nibitani, and Kumin Tsuyuri.


Chuunibyou is available on Crunchyroll, and one can enjoy it’s smoothing and amazing soundtracks of both its season on the platform itself. The episodes are available in the original soundtrack of Japanese languages with the accurate English subtitles available for fans and viewers abroad from Japan.

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