Cookie Clicker Hack (Unlimited Cookies) – All New Latest Hack 2021

Cookie Clicker Hack (Unlimited Cookies) – All New Latest Hack 2021

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Cookie Clicker is undoubtedly one of the best tap or clicking games of all time. A Frenchman named Julien Thiennot dispatched it in 2013. Diehard fans know that Thiennot developed its prototype version in a single day. Can you believe that?

The game has received global popularity in the last eight years since its release. It is also known for frequently adding fresh new updates for the players. What makes Cookie Clicker so damn addictive? Check out our article to know more about it.

Cookie Clicker: Gameplay

cookie clicker

Cookie Clicker has laid the foundation for the upcoming clicking games in the world. First, the players need to click or tap their device’s screen. They will earn a cookie with one click. You have to focus on collecting as many cookies as you can. Furthermore, these cookies will work as a source of income for you. You can buy many in-game things to enhance their production.

Do not forget to keep a close eye on your cookie count. The prices of your purchased items increase by 15% here. It means that the players have to spend 15% more money to buy the same item. Additionally, various types of cookies like Golden Cookies, Bonus Cookies, and others are available here. Every one of them has a unique feature for us.

A player can start with a dozen cookies but end up making thousands of cookies in a short period of time. And the best part is that Cookie Clicker has no end. It goes on and on until you exhaust yourself from making cookies.

Several other features are also present in this game. Different upgrades are available to increase or decrease your cookie production. Plus, we have to be careful about the in-game seasonal events. They offer us an opportunity to expand our business and earn more profit.

How to earn unlimited cookies in Cookie Clicker?

We have unearthed a perfect cheat or hack that can aid you in increasing the production of all your cookies in the game. Read the following steps carefully to know more about it:

  1. First of all, open the game on your screen. Website: Click here
  2. Open the source inspector of your preferred web browser. Or you can use “ctrl+shift+I” to open it (For Google Chrome only). The shortcut may change in a different browser.
  3. The “Console” option will be present there. Click it.
  4. Now, enter the “generate cookies” code. Type Game.Earn(number) on the console. You can select any number here.
  5. Press the “Enter” key. That’s it!

Other important cheats

Other than the cheat mentioned above, we also have some other cheats or hacks for you!

  • Game.RuinTheFun(); – Unlock every skyscraper or upgrade with this one. It may add a mega total of 999,999,999,999,999,999 cookies to your gaming account.
  • Game.cookies=number – Changes the number of cookies you have in the game. It means you can either increase their number or reduce them.
  • Game.cookiesPs=number – Changes the cookie making speed per second.
  • Game.cookies=Infinity; – It also provides unlimited cookies to the players. However, you also have its undo cheat code in the form of Game.cookies=0. Type the latter to remove all the cookies from your in-game bank.


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