Get Shorty Season 4 Release Date Is Out! (2022)

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Get Shorty Season 4: Get Shorty is an American comedy show that debuted in August 2017. It takes its inspiration from the novel of the same name, penned down by Elmore Leonard. With Davey Holmes at the helm, the series has dispatched a total of 27 episodes. The third season ended in November 2019. Since then, we have no sign for its official renewal for the fourth time.

The previous season of the show opened several doors for the possibility of its next instalment. It still has some unfinished plot points to cover. What will happen to it? Will it be cancelled for good? Or will we see it coming in future? Just scroll this page and check all the important details about it!

What do we know about Get Shorty?

The plot revolves around the muscle of a criminal gang named Miles. His faction is considered one of the deadliest crime gangs in the history of Nevada. But he also loves his daughter, Emma. He gives her a nickname, Shorty. For the safety of his daughter, he decides to leave the gang for good.

Mike shifts to Los Angeles to become a movie producer. He encounters Rick Moreweather, a failed movie maker but currently produces low-budget movies. However, he accidentally carries all his criminal workload with him to LA. Instead of leaving the criminal world, he begins to operate an illegal money laundering business under the disguise of the movie-making process. Rick helps him in understanding the ethics and concept of creating movies.

Get Shorty Season 4: Expected Plot

The conclusion of the third season left a big room for the possibility of its next instalment. We know that Miles’ journey is going to be very hard. He came under the suspicion radar of cops in the last season. It will be difficult for him to manage both businesses simultaneously. Additionally, he may find himself in a tough spot with the mafia. His daughter may end up paying the price of his deeds. Let’s hope it does not happen!

The third entry disclosed that Amara was not dead. She is still alive. And she is reported to play a crucial role in shaping the events of the fourth instalment. We can definitely expect various funny and exciting new moments in the show.

Get Shorty Season 4: Cast

We know that the leading man, Chris O’Dowd, is currently busy completing his work for Hippie Hippie Shake and several other projects. But he will definitely return for playing the protagonist, Miles. The remaining cast is mentioned below:

  • Rick: Ray Romano
  • Louis: Sean Bridgers
  • Emma: Carolyn Dodd
  • Amara: Lidia Porto
  • Yago: Goya Robles
  • April: Megan Stevenson

Get Shorty Season 4: Release Date

As of this moment, we do not know whether Get Shorty has been renewed or not. We do not have any clue regarding its cancellation yet. All we know is that the makers have not released any official information about its future.

There are various reasons for the postponement of Season 4. The most prominent one is the jam-packed schedule of Chris O’Dowd. We cannot even imagine the fourth season without including the protagonist. Furthermore, we cannot ignore the horrible effects of the ongoing COVID pandemic. It has already halted the production works of various tv shows and movies in Hollywood. Some makers have commenced working on their projects by following strict rules and regulations. On the other hand, others are just waiting for the current situation to get more normal.

We will update this section as soon as we get any official green light from Epix regarding the confirmation of the fourth season.

Get Story Season 4 Trailer

We do not have the trailer of Get Shorty’s Season 4. But we do have the trailer of its previous instalment. Enjoy it!


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