Hearts of Iron IV Important Console Commands (Cheats) 2021

Hearts of Iron IV Important Console Commands (Cheats) 2021

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Paradox dispatched Hearts of Iron IV in June 2016. It serves as the follow-up to the HOI’s third instalment (2006). Like many other games, it also consists of some console commands that help the players to ease their way through the in-game tasks. Paradox has received immense critical praises for nearly all aspects of the game.

There is no denying that console commands give the players a huge relief, especially when it comes to grand strategy games! This genre requires strong thinking and foolproof planning for obtaining the desired results. And we can’t afford to risk all our in-game progress. Additionally, some strategy instalments can torment us with their hard missions. That’s where the console commands rescue us from that misery!

Hearts of Iron IV: Gameplay

hearts of iron 4

Like we mentioned above, the fourth instalment in the HOI gaming series allows the players to explore its grand strategy genre. Both single or multiplayer modes are available in the game. We can choose our desired nation in the beginning. Our nation’s army is divided into three factions: aerial, naval, and ground forces. Also, we cannot ignore the importance of weapons and soldiers here.

Mobilization plays a crucial role in the construction of weapon factories. The players will get the option of receiving aid from various ministers for smoothly operating their works. Additionally, the policies of a nation will have a huge impact on the overall execution of the game’s storyline.

All in-game regions are termed provinces. They are embedded into a single giant state as the game progresses. Eventually, other places like beaches, oceans, rivers, and many more will divide according to the states.

Different types of military divisions are present in every province. Every division maintains a terrain as a training ground for all the soldiers. It is their responsibility to attack the enemies or protect their lands at any cost. The winning division possesses the authority to seize the entire area after conquering it successfully.

Victory points are crucial in pressurizing our opponents for surrendering themselves. However, the players must focus on annexing prime provinces. They are the key to ensure our victory. In this way, we can capture an entire state without even conquering every province.

In addition to all the things mentioned above, we have to give special importance to diplomatic relationships. Different types of pacts or agreements are going to be signed in the game. The players have to keep a close eye on every military treaty.

What is “World Tension” in Hearts of Iron IV? 

This concept throws light on the odds of our world getting involved in an all-out global war on a scale from 1 to 100. The chances of a worldwide war depend upon the choices of the military factions of different nations. Any aggressive approach taken by them may result in increasing the war scale. On the other hand, peace treaties and actions will lower the graph.

Hearts of Iron IV: Important Console Commands [Cheats]

We have listed some important console commands for all the players:

  • gain_xp [<amount>] – Increases the experience stat of selected military personnel
  • gain_xp [<trait>] – Gives obtainable trait to selected military personnel
  • cp [<amount>] – Gives Command Power (Max: 100)
  • st [<amount>] – Stability (Max: 100)
  • ws [<amount>] – War Support (Max: 100)
  • allowtraits – Enables free assignment of general traits
  • add_equipment(ae) [<equipment amount>] [<equipment name>] – For adding equipment
  • add_latest_equipment(ale) [<equipment amount>] – Provides latest equipment variants
  • [whitepeace(wp) [<country tags>] – For initiaing peace with desired nations
  • teleport(tp) – Teleportation Tool
  • allowdiplo adiplo,nocb – Execute all types of diplomatic actions without even caring for the rules
  • debug_nuking – Nuke any in-game region
  • instantconstruction – Starts instant construction
  • event [event id] [<Target Country Tag>] – For executing an event
  • trigger [scripted_trigger_name] – For checking a valid scripted trigger
  • annex [<Target Country Tag>] – Annexing cheat
  • manpower [<Amount>] – Increases manpower
  • tag [<Country tag>] – Transfer your tag to another nation
  • tdebug – Debug Info
  • spawn [<SubUnit Type>] [<Province ID>] [<Amount>] – For spawning a military unit in a province
  • setowner [country tag] [state id] – Set state owner
  • setcontroller [country tag] [province id] – Province controller
  • pp(fuhrer_mana,political_power) [PP amount] – Bestows political power to the players
  • fuel [<amount>] – Add fuel
  • civilwar [<ideology>] [<target country tag>] – For generating a civil war
  • set_ruling_party <ideology group> – Ruling party
  • add_party_popularity <ideology group> <value> – Increase party popularity
  • Focus.AutoComplete (fa) – Eradicate the national focuses
  • Focus.NoChecks – No focus requirements
  • Focus.IgnorePrerequisites – No focus prerequisites
  • Decision.NoChecks – No decision requirements
  • instant_prepare – Prepare naval attacks
  • instanttraining (it) – Execute instant training of divisions
  • nuke [number] – Add nukes (100 or 1000)
  • agency.autocomplete – Instant agency upgrades
  • prevent_operative_detection – To hide your operatives/spies
  • force_operative_detection – To detect your operatives/spies
  • resistance – improves resistance of any province up to 100 (For example: resistance 100)
  • compliance – improves compliance up to 100 (For example: compliance 100)
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