Hill Climb Racing Mod APK 1.54.2 (Unlimited Money) Download

Hill Climb Racing Mod APK 1.54.2 (Unlimited Money) Download


Play the original classic Hill Climb Racing Mod APK! Race your way up hill in this physics based driving game! Play for free and also playable offline!

App Information

Jul 08, 2022
6.0 and up
App Description

Have a break from your usual race game you’re familiar with, and enjoy time with this bizarrely enjoyable game from Fingersoft. Get started racing as a bold young man, taking on various hillclimbing challenges using your old cars and unlocking exciting new features in them. Participate in the exciting racing thrills through Hill Climb Racing Mod. Learn more about the game’s unique features in our reviews.

Introduction of Hill Climb Racing Mod APK

Hill Climb Racing Mod APK : We know that many of you have come across a huge number of racing games in your lives. And we can’t blame you because they are so exciting and amazing. Usually we select our cars or other vehicles and start racing on the racing tracks. Right? But the game which we have for you is slightly different from other racing games.

We have Hill Climb Racing MOD APK for all of you! You must be wondering what type of surprise this game contains? Right? Well, it has racing hills for you instead of the traditional racing tracks. Yes, you got that right! You have to race and compete against your opponents on a hill! Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Check out the entire article to know more about it!

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Graphics of Hill Climb Racing Mod

Graphics of this game are very simple, it is just a 2D game. No more animation or realistic graphics. You will have any lag issue in your device if you play this game. The graphics are supported by mostly all the android devices. There are no special requirements required in order to play or install this game.

History of Hill Climb Racing Mod

The game introduces players to the world of hill racing, where you’ll get the chance to learn about all the exciting features of hill racing. Take on Newton Bill, the young and restless uphill racer who’s always wanted to be the best hill racer. To achieve this, you’ll require your support to achieve his goals.

You will take Bill on a trip to your local race hill. This will be your first time racing. Take your time and mark the world’s most famous hill race tracks, including the Ragnarok mountains, to the empty Nuclear Plant. You are racing on your favorite car to those places that nobody has ever dared to walk on. Learn about the incredible physical laws as Bill took on the world’s most challenging racers and set new records.

The game also has a myriad of challenges that you can take on throughout your journey. Take on various surfaces while you test your skills on multiple vehicles. Do daring tricks to get additional bonuses and points. Improve your cars to enhance their capabilities and powers.

Don’t push it over the edge without considering all the implications because you’ll have to safeguard your loved Bill against serious injury. The neck of his delicate will not be able to endure all the flurry. Furthermore, the vehicles will need to be at specific intervals to ensure they still function effectively.

Hill Climb Racing MOD Features

Unlimited Coins

This is the hack apk version of the game. Which is why the presence of unlimited money or coins mod is an absolute necessity! And yes, this file also possesses the unlimited money mod. It enables you to buy anything and helps you in improving your focus in the game.

Unlimited Gems

Download the Hill Climb Racing Mod APK and enjoy unlimited gems and money in this hack version Hill Climb Racing Mod Menu.

Unlimited Vehicles

The original version of the game delivers you a huge total of 30 different vehicles! Yes, you read that right! Numerous types of vehicles are exhibited for you in the game. However, not all of them are unlocked. You have to unlock every vehicle in that version.

Here’s where the hack version saves you all! You don’t have to carry the tension of unlocking all the vehicles in the game as all of them are already unlocked. Just select your desired vehicle and race with it.

Offline Play

You do no need any internet access to play this game. Play wherever you want and whenever you want without worrying about internet connection.

Play for free

The developers can still provide an utterly no-cost game with no obligation to in-app purchases with all the fantastic features. Therefore, you can explore all features with ease.

New Stages

The original version of the game has only 28 levels in it. But the mod apk version has added some more new and thrilling levels in the game. It ensures that the level of your excitement will be increased!

Drive Unlimited

There are 28+ stages that are already unlocked in this Hill Climb Racing Mod APK, so drive limitless stages with no tension of unlocking them.


You also have the alternative of fully customizing your vehicle. With unlimited money mod, you can buy as many upgrades as you want in the game. Go to the main menu of the game to customize your vehicle.

Unlimited Fuel

You don’t have to worry about losing your fuel in the middle of your race as this version has an infinite amount of fuel for all of you!

Garage Mode:

Create or customize your dream vehicle with custom parts using Hill Climb Racing Mod APK 2021 latest version.

All Maps Unlocked:

You have unlocked all the maps in the Hill Climb Racing Mod APK. Although it is 2D game but you will have best experience while surfing through different different maps.


Yes, we know that the advertisements are really annoying in the game. They do nothing but to irritate us and breaking our concentration in the game. However, the mod apk version has removed all the advertisements from the game.

Enjoy unlimited gaming by using our mod.

The game includes in-app purchases. If you’re not comfortable with them, you can test the unlimited gameplay by using our modified version. Enjoy playing your favorite racer while making money that you can use to buy whatever you like. The only thing you have to do to install the Hill Climb Racing Mod APK file and install it on your device. Follow our thorough instructions to begin enjoying the additional features.

Special Mod Features of Hill Climb Racing [Mod Menu]

  • Unlimited Money (gems)
  • No Ads
  • Free Shopping 
  • Spend some money/gems before playing the game

How to Play Hill Climb Racing APK?

If you’re playing the game, you’ll need to keep some tricks and techniques in mind if you are looking to achieve the greatest enjoyment and success. Enjoyable time!

Stop the bridges : This is a simple way to prevent turning your car. Bridges with bumps are a nuisance that can often cause you to roll over. It is recommended to take it easy, take it slow when crossing bridges, and then brake toward the end of them to ensure that the car’s weight isn’t shifting the planks excessively. This will make it easier to make it over the bridge smooth and smooth.

Upgrade based on your weaknesses: What are the weak points of your vehicle? If you have trouble climbing hills, we suggest that you upgrade your engine or even the tires. If you’re experiencing difficulty jumping, it’s time to upgrade your suspension. Certain cars are more balanced than others. Therefore the best method to ensure an easy ride is to fix the flaws of your ride, and if it’s level, you can opt for the engine initially.

Make sure you are using the correct throttle : If you’re climbing, you’ll need enough power to go up, but not enough that you’re in danger of flipping the car. Additionally, as you come downhill, it is best to do your time – if there is an opportunity to jump towards the bottom. In that case, it’s best to get on the gas.

Take gasoline bottles : You’ll notice red canisters scattered across the map. Use these canisters, and you’ll get gas without stopping at the gas station. It’s not something you’re able to perform during the level, so grabbing the canisters is an essential step if you’re planning to play the game without problems.

Be sure to buy course updates : There are a lot of new and exciting environments you can buy using coins, and frequently they’ll let you get lots of cash. They’re investments, and it’s not a good idea to avoid purchasing coins and focus instead on cars and upgrades. Be sure to consider purchasing new race locations to experience.

How to Download and Install Hill Climb Racing Mod ?

  1. In the first step, you have to open the file which you have downloaded. Open the Hill Climb Mod App.
  2. You will have to accept all the terms and conditions.
  3. Press on the Next option until the option of Install appears on your screen.
  4. Clear all the ongoing running apps in your android. And click on the Install option.
  5. After the installation is over, you will have to press on the Done option and after that, close the window.
  6. Installation is complete. Enjoy gaming!

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Hill Climb Racing MOD APK is one of the best racing games in recent times. It is widely popular because of its unique gameplay and hill racing track. There’s not a single racing game which looks like this mod apk version. It has all the bonus features like unlimited money, fuel, gems, and other stuffs. This version is way much better than the original one and we strongly suggest that you must give it a try! Go and download it right now!

F.A.Q about Hill Climb Racing MOD

Q. Is Hill Climb Racing MOD APK free?

Ans. Yes, this game is 100% free to play. You don’t have to pay your real money to participate in it.

Q. Is Hill Climbing Racing safe?

Ans. Absolutely! It doesn’t have any malware threat or virus in it.

Q. Do we have to worry about bugs or glitches in the game?

Ans. Yes, all the bugs or glitches have been fixed in this mod apk version.

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