Jaden Smith is seriously ill? Will Smith and Jada  Pinkett Smith are worried about his health!

Jaden Smith is seriously ill? Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are worried about his health!

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The Smith family has always been under the spotlight for various reasons. The family has been dragged into several scandals and controversies. Something similar caught the media attention last September. It was the young actor- rapper Jaden Smith and his deteriorating health that was under the spotlight this time. Here is everything we know about this so far!

What is the hustle all about?

Jaden Smith is the son of the supremely talented actor and producer Will Smith. The young actor stepped into the acting industry holding his father’s hands. The young actor received much acclaim for his debut performance alongside his father in ‘The Pursuit of Happiness.’ The actor then marked his position in the Hollywood industry with his exceptional performance in ‘The Karate Kid’ and ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still.’ However, this has not been the case in the last few years.

The young actor soon took a chance in raping and became quite successful in that field as ell. However, serious illness has stopped him from the growing acting and rapping career. The actor’s last appearance was on the 2017 Netflix show ‘Neo Yokio.’ The actor is under the clutches of an illness caused by the deficiency of proteins and vitamins.

The illness was diagnosed last September. This was following the actor’s decision to adapt to a vegan diet. The diet failed to provide him with the necessary vitamins and proteins. This led to fatal undernourishment. The actor appeared malnourished and developed eye bags. He was spotted weak and frail in public appearances.

The diet was intervened, and he decided to seek medical help from CBD organic Nugs and got granddaddy purple CBD vape cart. The news of his illness soon spread like wildfire. The actor was not quite pleased and said,” I’m here eating also. Like, I’m good. Like, I’m fine”. Let us hope that the young actor jumps back into good health soon!



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