Maid Sama Season 2 : What You Need To Know In 2021

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There exist many beautiful anime shows in the world, and one of them is undoubtedly Kaichou wa Maid- Sama. It is a series that is brought to us by Hiro Fujiwara. The anime first released in 2010 as a T.V. series and after that, there is no mention of a second season. Even though Maid Sama might look like any other average romantic anime series, it is undoubtedly not that. There are many layers involved in the series, and it is one of the most popular high school anime dramas to exist out there.


The show is available on Netflix, and there are certain rumours that a second season is up for release shortly. The series does not go over the top when it comes to the portrayal of the characters. The unique feature about this anime series is the realism, which is striking. The love story between the two characters is very wholesome and makes it light and breezy watch. Even though the first season came out almost a decade ago, the fans are still hoping to see a second season.

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Release Date: Kaichou wa Maid Sama Season 2

The first season released in 2010 in April and ended on September of that year. After that, the fans are till date trying to make the second season happen. Various online petitions and protests started against the J.C. staff studio so that they can release one more season, but till date, there is no announcement made as of yet. The first season had around 26 episodes, and after that, no progress has made with the second season.


Although, keep your hopes up and don’t forget to wait for the second season. We still have some hope regarding the second season because the studio even might review their decision. There are many other series like Maid Sama, which one can watch to get the literal same feels that one gets while watching this show.


Storyline: Kaichou wa Maid Sama

The all-boys high school, which is famous for its rowdy students and its unabashed lack of discipline, Seika High recently turned into a co-education school. The girls are still in a minority position in the school, and Ayuzama Misaki gets appointed as the first School president. She is almost like a role model to all the girls of the school, because she wants to make the school a better place for them. The boys are more on the delinquent side of the scale, and they are famous for attracting mischief towards themselves. However, Misaki takes it upon herself to make the school a better place for girls.


But she has her secrets. In school, she reaches a prevalent position, but outside of school, her life is unfortunate. She works in a maid cafe called Maid Latte to help her family with the expenses and take care of her ill mother. She is afraid that if anyone figures out about her double life, then people at school will stop respecting her and looking up to her. But life takes a twist when she bumps into one of the most popular boys at school, named Usui Takumi in her maid uniform. H.S. enow fears that her secret will be out and no one will respect her anymore. But that does not happen, as Takumi doe not let out her secret. Instead, he uses that as an excuse to come closer to her. The first season ended on this note, but we have to wait to see what happens in the next.


Plot: Kaichou wa Maid Sama Season 2

As it has been over a decade since the first season, we still do not know what is waiting for us in the second season. We don’t even know whether there will be one or not. However, certain new characters might get introduced in the next season, but the storyline will remain the same. The love story will flourish even more, and the characters right get a development. No announcement can get made now, as we do not know what to predict.

Characters: Kaichou wa Maid Sama Season 2

The main characters are that of Ayuzawa Misaki and Usui Takumi. These two are the protagonists of the show.

Ayuzawa Misaki is a girl who has trust issues with men because of her horrible childhood memories with her father. She got abandoned by her father and left them with considerable debt. After that, she and her mother is struggling to pay for their lives, and Misaki has to take up the job of a maid to make ends meet. However, she is a very bright student, and she becomes the school president in no time with her demeanour. Her life inside and outside school are very different, which makes the show very interesting to watch.

Usui Takumi is a dreamy boy who is the most popular one at school. He is pretty much good at everything, and he is the only one who comes to know about Misaki’s double life. However, he comes closer to her and falls in love with her. Misaki also lets only him come closer to her as she never trusts men.

These are the details about the show that one needs to know.

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