Last of Us part 3 with Naughty Dog” BACK with the creation, Release Date, trailer and more!

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A thrilling survival game creates an adventurous action in the background for the players. This Game came after Naughty Dog the creator split the team into two parts. For the first time in the company’s history one for Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception and the Last of us. It was the best selling game when it was released and grossed 1.3 million in its first week itself and it got the name of the best game ever made. It is a Sony Computer Entertainment Publishing game in the play station model. And also a recreation made an online multiplayer game of the third person playing the game. Also, this game introduced many techniques to the game developers, and downloading content was released.

It is about a smuggler who runs with his brother and sister after a virus attack in Texas which changes people into creatures. There are two parts in the late of us game so far with the Third one yet to come soon.

“Last Of Us” Part 3: Release Date

The first part of the game released in 2013 after a great interval of time the second part recently released in June 2020 on Play station 4 platforms. The announcement for the third part is yet to be soon. But in a recent post by the Game Director Neil Druckmann said the game will be of different twist from the previous part. He said the main focus is not to give a heart touching story. But it should have an emotional connection to the game players as it is an action thrilling adventurous game.

Last Of Us II

“Last Of Us” Part 3: Cast

The cast enters in Part 3 game as the characters in the game model will be like

  • Ashley Johnson as the character model Ellie,
  • Troy Baker as the character Joel,
  • Derek Philips as the character Jerry,
  • Jeffry as the character Tommy,
  • Ashley Scott as the character Maria,
  • Stephen Chang as the character Jesse

and we will be able to see more new casts enter this play game as a model.

“Last Of Us” Part 3: Plot

Neil Druckman the director on June 16 has confirm what may be the future world for the two of them Joel and Ellie who has in the isolation state,. So a big clue was in our hands that in the third part we are gonna see is the story of Joel and Ellie and how their future is going to be. Where in the previous part they were in separation, Joel and Tommy save Abbys from the Cordyceps infection. In third, they try to save people like that. We will see new more faces and focus on love as Yara and Lev as fans expectation in part three.

“Last Of Us” Part 3: Storyline

The story tells about Joel’s confession of what he has done and the guilt to Tommy his brother. After four years  Joel and Ellie settle in Jackson, he and Tommy an infected Abbys and rescues. Abby attack Joel for killing the father, Diana give Ellie a bracelet and Ellie gets on fight with  Abby and Lev where Abby bites two fingers of Ellie, So Diana counterattack but after hearing memory from Joel leaves them.

Traveling through Santa Barbara she goes to the farmhouse and packs her belonging to go back to Jackson. Ellie wants to move on from her past. follow up on my next article DC Titans season 3


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