List of Best Kenshi Cheat Codes! God Mode, Unlimited Money, and others!

List of Best Kenshi Cheat Codes! God Mode, Unlimited Money, and others!

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Kenshi is a globally popular sandbox game with single-player mode only. It is an RPG instalment developed by Lo-Fi Games. It is well-known for its unique gameplay and features. However, it is not that easy to play. Even the most experienced players have faced difficulties while playing it.

That’s where the cheat codes come into the picture! First of all, it is okay to use some cheats in a game. But we also know that greed is a very horrible thing for a person. Some players like to gain as much as they can with the help of cheat codes. And it always spoils all the fun. But if we use it in some really tricky situations, then there is no harm.

Kenshi Cheat Codes


We have listed down some useful Kenshi cheats for you!

Hunger Removal Cheat

First, drop a visit to your saved file. Search your name. Now, a file named MEDICAL_STATE will be present there. The value of the hunger range is 0-3. Three means 300 hunger here. You can also change the NU value according to your choice.

256 Squadmates

“256 Recruit and Squad” mod is one of the most prominent mods in this game. It bestows a total of 256 talented squad members to you. They can help in executing various jobs and earning lots of fortune. Additionally, you will be safe from the attacks of the in-game bandits.

Conquer places

Take Over The World mod enables you to conquer various in-game regions. The players can use it to eradicate or neutralize all types of threats near their surroundings. Plus, it benefits us while raiding and looting new places in the game.

Be a mercenary

Longer Mercenary Contracts mod extends our contract by a huge number of days. As a mercenary, you can do various exciting things as compared to other in-game characters. But you need a contract to execute all your mercenary tasks.

Boost your XP

Double Learning Rate mod can function like a double-sided sword in this game. First, you need to discover the XP stats of your character in the game settings. Now, alter the modifiers. However, you have to be careful while using this mod. It can enhance the abilities of your squadmates. But it can also boost the XP values of your adversaries.

Grab Meitou weapons

Not So Rare mod aids the players in getting their hands on Meitou weapons. They are made by none other than Cross, a great weaponsmith. You will see only high-powered bosses using these weapons. But first, you need to finish off an owner of a Meitou weapon. Put that weapon in your in-game chest. Now, import your saved file to a brand new game. This way, you will be able to tackle many top bosses and give them fair competition.

God Mode

There is a mod named Zatoichi, the last samurai that can help you in achieving this feat in Kenshi. Your regeneration rate may extend up to 10,000. Additionally, your speed, starvation, and skills will definitely improve.

Increase your backpack space

Infinite Backpack Space mod allows you to create your own backpack. The best part is that you do not have to worry about its space. You can store as many items as you want in it.

Master your skills

First, click on the FCS to open it. Do not forget to save your in-game progress. Now, search your name and open it. Here, you can alter the values of your desired stats. But we advise you not to go for a value beyond 100. It does not mean that this cheat will make you imperishable. But it surely increases your fighting abilities.

Bring back the dead

It is okay if you lose your or one of your squad member’s life in Kenshi. You can always breathe a new life into a deceased character here. Once again, head to the FCS file and load your progress. Now, look for your character’s name or any NPC’s name. Open its Medical_State file. You will see a “death value” option there. Change it to “false”. Furthermore, you have to set zero value for stun, rig, wear, and bandage stats. Also, extend the flesh value to the maximum level possible.

Unlimited Money mod

A game certainly looks incomplete without this mod, right? Again, open your saved progress in the FCS. You will see an option named “Changes List” there. Now, open the camera and modify the money value according to your choice.

The players can always visit Steam’s official website to download Kenshi’s cheat codes. 

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