Monster Legends Mod APK v11.2.6 (Unlimited Gems)

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Download the latest version of Monster Legends Mod APK on your Android device. Collect different types of monsters, train them, and participate in various battles with them. Check out all the details right here!

Monster Legends Mod APK Details

Name  Monster Legends Mod APK 
Version  11.2.6 
Size  115 MB 
Google Play Link  Click here 
Mod Features  Unlimited Gems 
Last Updated  June 2021 
Price  Free 
Genre  Strategy 
Required OS  Android 4.1+ 

Download Monster Legends Mod APK 115 MB

Monster Legends Mod APK Description

monster legends

Monster Legends is a perfect gaming instalment that allows the players to get their hands on various mythical creatures that existed only in books. You can take part in some of the most exciting competitions with them and end up emerging victorious. However, this game is not only about participating and winning the battles. It also focuses on establishing a strong bond with the creatures.

Do not forget that Monster Legends is a strategy game. It means that you have to execute foolproof plans or strategies to gain an advantage over your adversaries.

Monster Legends Mod APK Features

Check out all the important in-game features here:

Collect and breed monsters

Like we mentioned above, it doesn’t matter how many battles you win in the game if you don’t have enough monsters with you. From time to time, you have to search and collect different monsters to increase your winning odds and upgrading your skills. Furthermore,  you cannot take their breeding process lightly here. Breed them properly and train them to fight the battles for you.

More than 700 monsters are available in this game. However, we advise you to always go for the mythical ones. They are the strongest creatures here. Plus, you can participate in limited-time events with them to earn some extra rewards.

Strategic gameplay

Always remember that the Monster Lab is the most important place in this mod apk file. This is the place where you can enhance the powers and skills of all your monsters. Just level them up in here and witness them rocking the competitions.

There are different types of relics and runes in this game. You have the alternative of utilizing them to increase the strengths of your creatures. Consider them as bonus powers.

Create a team

You cannot go too far in this game without becoming a key member of a team. Join a squad and assign your squadmates different positions like medic, attacker, and others.

Multiplayer mode (online)

The players have the option of watching the live battles of other players. It will help you in forming better strategies or plans for your next battle. Watch closely how they fight and utilize their monsters.

The game also contains PvP battles. You can take part in them to test your skills. Every season bestows various exciting prizes to the best players. Make sure that you also end up earning a top spot in the game.

Team chat

If you face any difficulty while planning your strategies, you can drop a message in the team chat asking for help from your teammates.

Friendly battle mode

Sometimes, high-stakes competitions exhaust us to the maximum. That’s where this feature comes into the frame. Just have a friendly contest with your buddies and enjoy the game.

Build a home for your creatures

Having a proper and suitable habitat for your creatures is an absolute necessity here. This place can function as their sanctuary where they can live and thrive. Also, don’t forget to deliver them important resources.

Amazing graphics

The 2D graphics of this game are colourful and attractive. Plus, they help in displaying their personalities and behaviours vividly.

Monster Legends Mod APK Installation Guide

Read all the steps about the installation guide carefully:

  • First of all, download Monster Legends Mod APK from the download link provided below.
  • Now, you will be redirected to our Telegram channel. Download the mod apk from there.
  • Now, install the Monster Legends Mod APK by allowing unknown sources on your Android device.
  • Now, open the Monster Legends Mod APK.
  • Enjoy the hack features of Monster Legends Mod APK on your Android device.
  • That’s it! You have successfully installed Mod APK on your device.

Download Monster Legends Mod APK 115 MB


Monster Legends Mod APK is one of the best strategic action games in recent times. It has been downloaded more than 50 million times from the Google Play Store with an average user rating of 4.5-stars. Additionally, you can use all the features for free. Download it now!

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Is Monster Legends Mod APK available for free? 

Ans. Yes! Click the link provided at the end of this page to enter our Telegram channel. There, you will find the free version of this mod apk file.

Q. What about the security threats?

Ans. Don’t worry! This mod apk file has no viruses or any other security threats. Install it and enjoy the game.

Q. Is it the latest modded file? 

Ans. Yes.

Download Monster Legends Mod APK 115 MB


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