NotSoBot Important Commands List

NotSoBot Important Commands List

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You must have heard about the above-mentioned term from the mouths of various developers or users. But first, we need to understand bots and their uses. They are designed as a computer program to interact with us. Additionally, they are crafted to execute some specific tasks that require a lot of time and labour. Various prominent websites utilize these bots to interact with their users.

Bots can be really beneficial for us. But at the same time, they can drive us mad with several irregularities. Of course, the performance of a bot totally depends upon its maker. How he/she made it in the first place plays a crucial role in its overall performance.

Now, let’s bring our attention to the Discord bots. They are specifically designed to work on the Discord server. However, not all of them are fruitful. But there is no denying that they give a fresh look to our server. They also add uniqueness and fun to it.

What is NotSoBot?


Many Discord bots have emerged in recent times. But the one that stands out the most among them is NotSoBot. Just like other Discord bots, NotSoBot is also designed to perform some specific functions. It is a voice and text server bot. We do not have to pay anything to utilize it. Furthermore, we can use it in any way.

NotSoBot Commands

Here are some important NotSoBot commands for you! Enjoy!

  • ascii – Converts texts into ASCII format
  • regional – Converts texts to regional emojis
  • tag – Displays a tag
  • tag create – For creating a tag
  • tag edit – for editing a tag
  • tag list – Shows tag list
  • tts – Text to speech command
  • background remove – Use for removing the background of an image
  • blur – Image blur
  • blurple – Image blurple
  • convert – For converting an image
  • deepfry – For deep frying an image
  • eyes – Add eyes to someone’s image (Type words like red, black, big, bloodshot, blue, center, flare, googly, etc after giving a space to this command. Your desired effect will get displayed on the screen.)
  • flip – For flipping an image (Vertical flip)
  • flop – For flopping an image (Horizontal flop)
  • gif reverse – Reverse a gif
  • glitch – Add glitch to an image
  • gold – Add the good effect to an image
  • grayscale – Add grayscale to an image
  • invert – For inverting an image
  • jpeg – For creating a jpeg format image
  • overlay gay – Puts LGBTQ flag on the image
  • overlay irsael – Puts Isreal’s national flag on the image (Note: You can add nation’s name here. For example: russia, northkorea,  uk, usa etc)
  • pixelate – Pixelate an image
  • resize – For resizing an image
  • rip – Add a tombstone to an image
  • wall – Make a wall
  • activity – Know about a user’s actiity
  • channel – Receive information about a channel
  • inviteinfo – Discord invitation
  • user – User’s information
  • ban – Ban selected users
  • blocklist add – Add someone to the block list
  • commands – List of all disabled commands
  • blocklist clear – Clears blocked things
  • loggers – Loggers list
  • prune – Prune messages (Max: 10)
  • emojis – Search emojis
  • refresh – Refresh commands
  • upload-commands – Upload bot’s commands
  • duckduckgo – DuckDuckGo Command
  • google – Google command
  • image – Google search command
  • reddit – Reddit command
  • steam – For searching a steam user
  • wikihow – Wikihow command
  • youtube – YouTube command
  • set timezone – Change time zone
  • screenshot – Screenshot command
  • undo – Undo your command
  • help – Help command
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