‘The Last of Us 2’: Plot, Game play ,Release date and Everything Associated With The Game

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The last of us 2 is the sequel to last of us; it is set in a post-apocalyptic game set in the USA. It is developed by the naughty dog for Playstation 4 and is regarded as one of the biggest launches of 2020.


The Last of Us 2: Release Date

The Last of Us 2  was supposed to be released in  February  2020. It got postponed to May 2020. Currently, it has been postponed again in April due to the global pandemic, and the reason was logistical issues that had to be sorted out. Sony and naughty are yet to release a new date for the game till then it has been removed from the PlayStation store.

The Last of Us 2: Plot

The plot will take place after the Cordyceps Brain Infection outbreak, i.e., after a leap of 25 years. It centers on Ellie and Joel. The story is split into four chapters. Many events occur, which leads  Ellie to fight a dangerous Cult named Seraphites. She is faced with many emotional and physical difficulties. The whole theme of this game is Hate, which helps Ellie to face whatever adversities are in her way. The game is set in Seattle, Washington.

The Last of Us 2: Gameplay

Ellie will be the only character who will play in the game, making it a singleplayer game. Later it was confirmed by the game designer Emilia Schatz that there would be no multiplayer game. Players get to use improvised weapons, firearms to defend themselves from those who were affected in the outbreak. It also includes Listen mode, which is to locate the enemies through a sense of hearing and spatial awareness. There is a skill tree, which is used to upgrade your skills. There are three branches of skills tree, which are Survival, Crafting, and Stealth. There are some additions to the game, such as identification meter and injury gauge.

The Last of Us 2: Trailer

The trailer for The Last of Us 2  released  September 2019. It showed Ellie in a fierce look and also Joel, who was not shown much.

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