XCOM 2 Console Commands – Cheat Codes – Latest 2021

XCOM 2 Console Commands – Cheat Codes – Latest 2021

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There is no denying that XCOM 2 turned out to be a much better gaming instalment than XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012). Firaxis Games is responsible for developing this amazing sci-fi game. On the other hand, 2K Games handled the game publishing job. It received critical acclaim upon its release. Special praises were directed towards the game format, visuals, graphics, and improved storyline from the original XCOM series.

XCOM 2: Plot Synopsis

The events of the sequel take place 20 years after Enemy Unknown. Earth gets invaded by a huge army of aliens. That’s why XCOM prepares to fight against those extraterrestrials and shows immense valour during the battle. However, the organization learns that the leaders of the council nations have already surrendered themselves after getting scared from their highly advanced weaponry and technology. As a result, XCOM loses the war.

Now, our planet is under the control of the aliens. The latter take control of ADVENT Administration. On the other hand, XCOM becomes a resistance force to fight against those outer space creatures. Our protagonist portrays the role of an XCOM Commander.

XCOM 2: Gameplay

xcom 2

The players portray the role of an XCOM Commander in the game. They will take part in battles as well as order their troops to attack. Both single and multiplayer mode are available here. Maps are designed according to the in-game regions.

There are four difficulty levels in XCOM 2: Rookie, Veteran, Commander, and Legend. Additionally, the beginning of most of the in-game missions seems very easy at first. The players remain disguised during the initial moments of a mission. It makes them safe from the attacks of the enemies unless they accidentally come in contact with them. However, the missions become more difficult as the game progresses.

The squad members are designed to execute a specific number of physical actions. It means their action or movement in the game depends upon their action points. Additionally, this gaming instalment contains a total of five different character classes:

  1. Ranger: Possesses a brawling weapon and cuts his enemies with it.
  2. Grenadier: A grenade expert and treasures a powerful grenade launcher.
  3. Specialist: Carries a drone to upgrade the squad’s health and defense.
  4. Sharpshooter: A well-trained sniper.
  5. Psi Operative: Utilizes telepathic and psionic powers.

The completion of your mission results in gaining experience and improving your in-game stats. But the adversaries can finish you for good. That’s why you have to be very careful about your game’s progress. Furthermore, use medkits to treat yourself or your injured squad member.

XCOM 2: Console Commands [Cheat Codes]

We believe it is better to take some much-needed help from the console commands instead of banging your head on the walls. A halted gaming journey seems like a curse to a gamer. That’s why we are providing some important XCOM 2 console commands below:

  • PowerUp – God Mode cheat
  • ToggleUnlimitedActions – Infinite AP
  • TakeNoDamage – Units get protected from the in-game damage
  • GiveActionPoints [Number] – A unit receives desired number of action points
  • ForceCritHits – For Critical hits
  • SkipAI – Skips AI’s chance
  • TTC – Teleport your desired unit to the cursor
  • SetStrategyFacilitiesUnlockAll – Unlocks all facilities
  • SetStrategyFacilitiesInstantBuild – Building facilities unlocked
  • GiveResource Supplies [Quantity] – Provides a specific quantity of supplies
  • GiveResource Intel [Quantity] – Provides specific quantity of intel
  • GiveResource EleriumDust [Quantity] – Specific quantity of Elerium crystals
  • GiveResource EleriumCore [Quantity] –  Specific quantity of Elerium cores
  • GiveResource AlienAlloy [Quantity] – Specific quantity of Alien Alloys
  • MakeSoldierAClass [Soldier Name] Grenadier – Converts a soldier into a Grenadier
  • MakeSoldierAClass [Soldier Name] Rookie – Converts a soldier into a Rookie
  • MakeSoldierAClass [Soldier Name] PsiOperative – Converts a soldier into a Psi Operative
  • MakeSoldierAClass [Soldier Name] Sharpshooter – Converts a soldier into a Sharpshooter
  • MakeSoldierAClass [Soldier Name] Specialist – Converts a soldier into a Specialist
  • MakeSoldierAClass [Soldier Name] Ranger – Converts a soldier into a Ranger

For individual enhancements

  • GiveTech ModularWeapons
  • GiveTech MagnetizedWeapons
  • GiveTech GaussWeapons
  • GiveTech PlasmaRifle
  • GiveTech HybridMaterials
  • GiveTech PlatedArmor
  • GiveTech HeavyPlasma
  • GiveTech PlasmaSniper
  • GiveTech AlloyCannon
  • GiveTech Tech_Elerium
  • GiveTech PoweredArmor
  • GiveTech WraithSuit
  • GiveTech WARSuit
  • GiveTech Psionics
  • GiveTech EXOSuit
  • GiveTech SpiderSuit
  • GiveTech AlienBiotech
  • GiveTech AutopsySectoid
  • GiveTech AutopsyViper
  • GiveTech AutopsyAndromedon
  • GiveTech AutopsyFaceless
  • GiveTech AutopsyMuton
  • GiveTech AutopsyBerserker
  • GiveTech AutopsyArchon
  • GiveTech AutopsyGatekeeper
  • GiveTech AutopsyAdventStunLancer
  • GiveTech AutopsyAdventShieldbearer
  • GiveTech AutopsyAdventTurret
  • GiveTech AutopsyAdventMEC
  • GiveTech AutopsyChryssalid
  • GiveTech AutopsySectopod
  • GiveTech AutopsyAdventTrooper
  • GiveTech ExperimentalArmor
  • GiveTech Bluescreen
  • GiveTech Skullmining
  • GiveTech HeavyWeapons
  • GiveTech AdvancedHeavyWeapons
  • GiveTech BattlefieldMedicine
  • GiveTech PlasmaGrenade
  • GiveTech AdvancedGrenades
  • GiveTech Skulljack
  • GiveTech ExperimentalAmmo
  • GiveTech ExperimentalGrenade


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