YouTube Mod APK Download 17.18.36 (Premium Unlocked)

YouTube Mod APK Download 17.18.36 (Premium Unlocked)


Get the official YouTube app on Android phones and tablets. See what the world is watching -- from the hottest music videos to what’s popular in gaming, fashion, beauty, news, learning and more. Subscribe to channels you love, create content of your own, share with friends, and watch on any device.

App Information

Aug 03, 2022
6.0 or up
App Description

YouTube Mod APK 2022: Everybody got irritated by ads while watching YouTube, I am also one of them so that’s why got a solution for you guys. You will not see a single ad and also you will be able to play your favourite music in the Background too by downloading and installing this Youtube Mod APK i.e. Youtube Vanced APK or YouTube Pink APK

Introduction of YouTube Premium Mod APK

Youtube Mod APK [Premium Unlocked + No Ads] 2022 : The American online video sharing platform gets famously operated as one of the Google subsidiaries. YouTube is something, which is a platform to upload, view, like, share, subscribe and download different types of video contents along with an option to comment on it. The platform, which is beloved by millions of people all around the world, has been upgrading its quality and format frequently to make it more user-friendly. To provide you with more incredible features, we present to you a Mod APK version of this fantastic platform i.e. YouTube Vanced APK.

One of the most demanding APK versions of apps is the YouTube Mod APK. A version of an application with unique newly launched features, which are not initially available in the original version, is known as a modded or modified version. YouTube itself is such a renowned application, which does not need any introduction or definition for sure. The great source of knowledge and the entertaining platform has been ruling millions of hearts out there, and this APK version will make you addicted to YouTube more as compare to the original one. If you are someone who is a big fan of YouTube and several other YouTubers out there, then you have discovered the right place to download the safest Mod APK version of the original YouTube. In this page, you will find many fantastic features of the APK, the downloading link for the Youtube Premium APK and along with that, the downloading steps which will be a helping hand for all the new users.

Features of YouTube Mod APK (Premium Unlocked):

No Ads:

Sick and tired of watching the same repeated ads again and again that completely waste your time? No worries we bring you an ad-free YouTube. The Youtube Mod APK (Premium for Free) i.e. YouTube Vanced app does not support the promotion of any ads, and thus now you can go on watching videos, using this APK without any disturbance.

Dark Mode:

There is hardly any person left out there who hates this feature. The dark mode feature has always been very user-friendly as it helps your eyes to relax and does not let them strain by watching videos.

Video and Music Downloading:

As we all know, the original YouTube app does not allow us to download all the videos and music album. Thus we had to download some other application to listen to our favourite music or to watch our favourite video. This Mod APK version promises to decrease the storage space on your device, as you do not need any other application to download music or videos. By using this APK, we can download all the music and videos you like.

Play the videos even after exiting:

You must have noticed that in the original version, we were not allowed to access any other application and access YouTube videos simultaneously. YouTube Mod APK will allow you to enjoy YouTube videos and access different applications at the same time.

Background Play :-

Play the music or video in background like in mp3 player you do. By this you can play your favourite music in the background and enjoy premium songs without buying any subscription plans in order to play your favourite music.

No Root:

We know that we have to root our phone first before downloading a Mod APK version. For this YouTube Mod APK risky rooting of your mobile phones is not required, and you can directly download, install and use this premium app.

Downloading Steps of YouTube Premium Mod APK 2022

1. Firstly, you will have to click the downloading link, which we provide in this article for downloading this fantastic app.
2. After clicking on the link, you will be ready to download this Mod APK.
3. Download Micro G app and install it to sign in Google Accounts.
4. Accordingly, it will direct you to the downloading page, and then you will be allowed to install this Mod APK version once the downloading gets completed.
5. Make sure to go to your phone’s settings and enable the Unknown Sources to install this APK file.
6. After the download is complete, you will be able to view the downloaded APK file in the Download folder of your phone.
7. Now you are all ready to access this fantastic version.


The fantastic app YouTube is very well renowned not only for all of the incredible facilities but also its high-quality audio and videos and to make a note of this Mod APK version will surely add more spice to the app. Much more facilities get provided in this version. Indeed it has been attracting many users from all around the world who have been enjoying this mind-blowing APK. So if you want to be one of them, then get ready to have fun and to have excellent video contents with these upgraded features by downloading this Mod APK.

FAQ regarding this YouTube Mod APK :

1. Will any ads be displayed while using this YouTube Mod APK?

Answer: No, The Mod APK will not display any kinds of ads.

2. Are there any restrictions in downloading videos from the YouTube Mod APK?

Answer: You can download any video without any restrictions.

3. What is the requirement to download this Mod APK?

Answer: You need to have an Android phone with minimum version 4.4 to use this APK.

4. Is it safe to use YouTube Mod APK?

Answer: Yes, you can access this APK without worrying.

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